Municipal Security Council Addresses Structural Defect Building Issue at Otojor

Musec meets Otojor residents

In a meeting held on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at the Dansoman Keep Fit Social Center, the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) engaged with owners and tenants of a building plagued by structural defects located in Otojor. The meeting aimed to address the concerns regarding unauthorized construction and the safety of residents in the Municipality.

Building Permit Requirement Emphasized:

During the meeting, the Chairman of MUSEC emphasized the importance of securing a building permit before commencing construction. Developers were urged to obtain proper authorization from the Municipal Assembly to ensure compliance with building regulations. This measure ensures that structures are constructed safely and meet the required standards within the Municipality.

Musec meets Otojor residents

Unpermitted Building with Structural Defects:

The meeting was called following a complaint about an unpermitted single-story building that exhibited significant structural defects. The Chairman revealed that the initial assessment conducted by the Assembly deemed the structure unfit for habitation and recommended its demolition. Additionally, it was highlighted that several buildings situated on waterways in Otojor without proper permits would also face demolition.

Musec meets Otojor residents

Involvement of the Military and Timely Intervention:

To ensure fairness and impartiality, the Municipal Assembly commissioned the Military's 48 Engineering Regiment to assess the building's condition and provide recommendations. The Military was given a one-week deadline to submit their report, which will guide the necessary actions to be taken by the Assembly. This collaborative effort reflects the commitment to addressing the issue promptly and effectively.

Musec meets Otojor residents

Ensuring Tenant Safety:

Considering the potential risks posed by the structural defects, the Chairman advised all tenants residing in the building to relocate to a safer place. The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Officer was tasked with finding suitable alternative accommodations for the affected tenants. The tenants expressed gratitude to the Assembly and MUSEC for their timely intervention and concern for their well-being.

Musec meets Otojor residents

The MUSEC meeting held at the Keep Fit Social Center marked an important step in addressing the challenges associated with a structural defect building in Otojor. The emphasis on obtaining building permits and ensuring compliance with building regulations demonstrates the commitment of the Municipal Assembly to prioritize safety and protect the interests of residents. By engaging the Military for an independent assessment, the Assembly aims to make informed decisions regarding the future of the building. The proactive approach to tenant safety further underscores the commitment to safeguarding lives and promoting a secure living environment within the Municipality.

Reported by: Ernestina Tutu-Boahene